Grasslands for Insects (Installation)


This project is dedicated to the research of future actions for the conservation and promotion of biodiversity. The grasslands for insects on display were made possible by machine learning models.

Grasslands for Insects


This project is dedicated to the research of future actions for the conservation and promotion of biodiversity. The grasslands for insects collected in this book were made possible by various machine learning models.

Selbstgespräche mit einer KI


»Selbstgespräche mit einer KI« (Self-talks with an AI) is the construction, use and reflection of an intelligent typewriter, a text generator programmed for my thinking and writing.

Künstliche Ökologie


The book »Artificial Ecology« presents »One Hundred Views from the Cosmos of the Positive Extraction and Reproduction System«. These one hundred images were generated with Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). As basis served 3500 hand-picked Portraits of individuals, which were compiled from online platforms.


Website, image film, brochure, fruit gum packages, fair stand

lys is a visionary start-up: »In a future society, humans are networked via synthetic neurons, thoughts are of common origin. This enables dealing with complexity, decentralized decision-making and an individual behavior for the collective benefit and in planetary sustainability.«



This work questions the significance of code in relation to its output, to the perceptible. Does the tension between visible algorithm as a program and invisible algorithm inside the produced black square change the subjective view?


Sound installation

The forkbombEnsemble plays with the open interplay between several computing units and their computing capacities. It‘s based on a forkbomb, a programme, which invokes itself exponentially until a system overload.

Herz Woyzeck


Subject Woyzeck. An interesting case. At the anatomical theater. Dead. Alive in the art against demise. The basement an expertise about sanity and death Woyzecks through a blade in front of thousands of onlookers 1824. Reduced to a heart.

Contains Itself


Contains Itself is a software trying to achieve duration through the cultural practice of collecting.

The software is surfing through the net, searching for data files to collect in order to create its own unique self through its collection.


12" vinyl

COPYRING. The subject reads the text into itself. Starting and ending points are subjective, more and more approximate mental copies are produced by rotation.

True Radio

Sound installation


The truth - it sounded to us children as if we could set out to look for it like for China, and look for it - it sounded as if we could look for it in the woods and carry home a whole basket full of it, just like one looks for mushrooms in humid summers. (Ingeborg Bachmann. Translated by the authors.)




cuttingNews generates a unique news article by combining top news from several newspapers.

cuttingNews operates with computational objectivity to satisfy the critical reader.

Arbeiter Verstimmen Die Fabrik

Sound installation

soli t und i

Sound installation

How to Make a Paradise

10.04. – 26.08.2020, Frankfurter Kunstverein
Curator: Mattis Kuhn

Participating Artists: Tega Brain, Julian Oliver & Bengt Sjölén, Elisabeth Caravella, Kate Crawford & Vladan Joler, Fleuryfontaine, Keiken & George Jasper Stone, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Julien Prévieux.

Paradise stirs fulfillment and longing: for far away and beauty, for effortless existence. Digital gadgets are available anytime, anywhere. They promise expansion of our comfort zone, and abduct us from the here and now. They transport us into worlds whose surface appearance is adaptable to our wishes.

I am here to learn

The thematically organized group exhibition I am here to learn addresses adaptive algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). The exhibition focuses on perception and interpretation as human qualities, which machines can acquire through learning procedures. The Frankfurter Kunstverein will present international artists, whose work thematizes the processes involved in machine perception and autonomous action.

Wird die Kunst digital


An examination of digital developments in the arts does not necessarily involve digitally existing/generated artifacts, but rather an examination of the properties of the digital - whereby the digital actually means the formalized: the formalization of human (work) procedures so that they can be executed by machines in the form of algorithms. Will art become digital? asks: Are formal systems inscribed in our thinking and our production, distribution and reflection of aesthetic artifacts?

Towards a Planetary Identity

Theoretical part of the speculative project lys.

At present, human thinking is limited by each person's own cognitive abilities, perceptual experiences and the individual, reduced model of the world. In contrast, lys is developing a decentralized complex adaptive system that forms the framework of a participatory collective intelligence.

Unbestimmtheitsspielräume Algorithmischer Geflechte

Diploma thesis
University for Art and Design, Offenbach am Main

The core statement is, that leeway of vagueness are increasingly existent or established in algorithmic meshworks and thus require an inspection from outside the computer sciences and that the field of art is a possible outside through its fundamental vagueness.

Machine Learning in Artistic Practice


Artistic projects enable a critical examination of machines capable of learning, but also a creative use of their potentials. Art offers freedom for experimental handling, for research without reference to application and for attempts to determine a suitable relationship with technology.