True Radio

Sound installation
pipe, endless rotary knob, software (Pure Data), single board computer (rpi), microcontroller, speaker, voice

The truth - it sounded to us children as if we could set out to look for it like for China, and look for it - it sounded as if we could look for it in the woods and carry home a whole basket full of it, just like one looks for mushrooms in humid summers. (Ingeborg Bachmann. Translated by the authors.)

Is it still a goal in contemporary culture to search for words, contexts or images that must necessarily be said or represented? Is it worth fighting for the truth or does it put us to sleep in a time of fake news and alternative facts because we prefer to hear stories?
"We have to find true sentences that correspond to our own consciousness and this changed world." (Ingeborg Bachmann. Translated by the authors.)
In her story »Ein Wildermuth«, telling and seeking the truth becomes a daily retreat for the protagonist. As he increasingly encounters the indifference of his fellow human beings towards the truth, his belief decays.
Characteristic features of the truth from »Ein Wildermuth« can be searched for on six channels of True Radio.

With Johanne Schröder.